Gauntlet Dark Legacy Review


Gauntlet Dark Legacy Review

If you have a group of bored, bloodthirsty friends visiting, having Dark Legacy around would definitely be an asset.

Comparison sunday Baulders gate and gauntlet dark legacy gba

Classic Game Room – GAUNTLET: DARK LEGACY for Nintendo Gamecube review

Classic Game Room reviews GAUNTLET: DARK LEGACY for Nintendo Gamecube from Midway, also available on Playstation 2 PS2 an original Xbox (played for this review using a Nintendo Wii with Gamecube controller). This CGR review of Gauntlet Dark Legacy has Gauntlet Dark Legacy game play from Nintendo Gamecube showing Gauntlet game play in HD action.

PS2 Review: Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Alright, let’s take a look at a more arcade style of game.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy | KBash Game Reviews

i watched this again in 2020 holy christmas

Gauntlet: Dark legacy for the gamecube, xbox, ps2, and arcade. Another game that probably would have been awesome if I played it multiplayer.

I would’ve recorded it that way, but I was in South Korea at the time.

Game’s long. Game’s boring. Game’s old. Let’s have a giggle slagging it off.

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