Star Wars: Force Commander Cheats For PC


Star Wars: Force Commander Cheats For PC

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Star Wars – The Force Unleashed (PC/XBOX 360/PS3) CHEAT CODES

This game have a lot of cheat codes, have fun with it!

The Star Wars saga continues in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. You are Darth Vader’s Secret Apprentice! The Dark Lord of the Sith himself has trained you to use a lightsaber and unleash the power of the Force, but now your destiny is your own. Will you join Vader as the next great Sith, or will you choose to defend peace and justice as a noble Jedi Knight?

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Star Wars: Force Commander – Escape from Kalaan

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz
Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.92 GB RAM usable)
Current resolution: 2560 x 1440, 240Hz
Operating system:

Star Wars: Force Commander (PC): Mission 11: The Massacre on Abridon – Pt.1

This is a long one but it’s pretty fun and one of the ones where both sides have most of their units available

You are to take back the Imperial Base, then capture the Abridon Government Center and clear the area surrounding it of Rebels, Optionally you can obliterate all the Rebels on the map and Destroy (not capture) the Command Center for secondary objectives which we will be doing of course

Bring your units out of storage that you saved from Hoth (or you could take your AT-STs down from Endor) you want to bring 1 AT-AT, 3 AT-STs and 3 Mobile Artillery with you

Upon landing, deploy your Artillery straight away as a squad of Infantry will attack from the hill to the east, meanwhile deploy your AT-STs and AT-ATs as shown in the video since a Rebel armored column will spawn here after a while

Send one of your probe droids over the hill to the west into the back of the Rebel Base to draw out a clump of Infantry and spot the Airfield, deploy 2 Artillery near the hill and splat the Infantry, then bomb the Airfield and 2 Hover Tanks near the Command Center, while your other 2 Artillery deploy near your AT-STs and AT-ATs to kill the Infantry that spawn with the Rebel vehicles, then move them to join the other 2 in shelling the Rebel Base

Once this group spawn, chin-gun 2 of the Attack-Tanks straight away, while you blow everything else away with Artillery fire and your vehicles, then send your AT-STs and AT-ATs south towards the Imperial Base, bring your Artillery down as well, and set up shop just outside the Imperial base, now use a Probe Droid to draw everyone out of the base to get blasted, there is quite a few Infantry units and vehicles hanging around inside the base

Then move in your Troop Carrier to take the Turrets, followed by the Hospital, heal all your Stormtroopers and place them ready to assault the Command Center, leave it alone for now, however as you complete the next stage

Move an AT-AT north and Chin-gun the Scanner-Jammer next to the Anti-Vehicle turret, then capture it with Stormtroopers, then send your AT-ATs and Artillery south to clear out a group of vehicles and the infantry, then set up everyone in the pass leading to the Rebel base where you took the turret

Once you take the Command Center this will trigger a major Rebel counter-attack, so do so when everyone is in position, immediately order down an Air-Control, Landing Platform and 10 TIE Fighters as usual, as well as some extra AT-STs to replace losses you will no doubt incur from the Rebel offensive, when the Rebels come, chin-gun the Attack Tanks and blast everything else with your vehicles, with the Artillery clearing out any Infantry that pop out of the Transports

Now start sending TIE Fighters into the Rebel base to pick off the vehicles ONLY (set to passive posture so you can pick targets), then go around the map with them clearing out all other units, leaving the Turrets near the Government Center alone as well as the Rebel Base itself

Now to take the Turrets, it is easiest to do this with Ferry Shuttles since you can land right next to the Turrets and Anti-Vehicle Turrets have minimum range so cannot hit them, you will need 2 squads of 6 to take the Command Center and 4 Turrets, then order down another squad to take the Shield Generator, call down a Hospital and heal everyone afterwards

Now the Rebel base is taken care of, and any Rebel units are dead, all you have left is the Turrets guarding the north-western corner of the map as well as the Government center itself, so again, once the area is cleared of all units, land Ferry Shuttles next to turrets, you can’t do this at the Government center due to Anti-Aircraft Turrets, but you can take the Anti-Infantry Turret at the bottom of the hill, which will draw the fire of the others while you run a group of Stormtroopers up hill to take over all remaining Turrets

Before you send in Stormtroopers to capture the Government Center itself, there are a few things you want to do:

Send the TIE Fighters around the map to make sure ALL Rebels are dead
See that you have 1 AT-AT, 3 Mobile Artillery and 3 AT-STs to carry over to the next mission
Make sure every building you have taken has a garrison
Finally delete the Rebel Command Center to satisfy one of your secondary objectives

Once you are ready, send your Stormtroopers into the Government Center for the final bit of destruction, once this building falls under your control this should give you your other secondary objective of “Destroy all Rebel forces” as long as you wiped everything else out beforehand

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