Tekken 6 Review


Tekken 6 Review

With its beefy cast, impressive Scenario Campaign mode, and expansive customisation options, Tekken 6 is the new heavyweight in the fighting game arena

Tekken 6 Review

John Funk reviews Tekken 6.

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Tekken 6 Review & Gameplay (HD)

Tekken 6

Playstation Network
Players: 1-2 (online:2)
Required hard disk space (PS3): 32 MB
Supported HD: 720p
Dualshock 3 compatible
Headset compatible
Messaging/Friend invite in game
Voice chat
Gameplay recording and upload
Custom soundtrack

dts Digital Surround
Dolby Digital
Bandai Namco games

Rated T

Alcohol Reference
Crude Humor
Mild Language
Suggestive Themes

Final Verdict – 8.5

The good – 40 player roster from the get go. Very solid fighting mechanics that are easy to jump into and hard to master. Large selection of stages and characters customization items. Online offers what you’d expect from fighters and the plentiful offline game modes will keep hardcore fighting enthusiast entertained for a long time.

The bad – Long load times if game is not installed. The online is currently in need of a patch to fix the button delay. Scenario Campaign is a joke and the best unlockables are obtained through this excuses of a game mode.

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