Don’t Use Overwatch’s Lucioball Exploit or You Might Be Punished


Don’t Use Overwatch’s Lucioball Exploit or You Might Be Punished

Fixing the bug hasn’t been easy.

Soldier 76 has an unfair advantage in Lucioball – Overwatch Summer Games lucio ball glitch

Overwatch’s new Summer Games include a Brawl mode that should be Lucio only – but it looks like we have a trespasser on the field…

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Overwatch Glitch Tutorial – Lucioball: Play as Any Character

Bradley Freakin here, bringing you a tutorial (that hopefully Blizzard will see) on how to be any character in the new Lucioball game mode in the Overwatch Olympics! Hopefully this will get patched before the next Olympic event or in the upcoming week.

When you get to the Map Screen that says “Estadio Das Ras”, you have a small window to press buttons that will seemingly do nothing, but in reality it is deselecting Lucio and selecting a new character. The button combo is A, X, Y, B (repeatedly) while pushing the left analog stick in random directions. Sometimes this will not work, as it seems to be partially based on internet connection.

Problems I’ve found:
Mei: Ice Wall and Freezing yourself for healing (LB and RB) freezes the game and crashes the lobby. Sometimes spawns trapped in Mech unable to move and other times turns invisible and noclip.
Roadhog: Can cause serious frame rate lag when he uses his Ultimate.

Going into a skirmish before the game seems to make it very difficult, if not impossible to pull off the button combo.

Killing an enemy member allows them to sometimes hold the X button and select a new character (they are able to see the character selection screen). The only characters I have seen them choose however are Ana and Reinhardt.

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The LucioBall Trickshot Master! [Overwatch]

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Cheat At Overwatch Lucioball And Be Punished, Warns Blizzard – IGN News

Blizzard is cracking down on players who have worked out how to import other characters into Lucioball.